Daily protection for your daily wear. Best garment disinfectant.

by Arun Kumar 10th January 2020

DGA -100

Since time immemorial harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses have ruthlessly wreaked havoc on our species. Though we fought overtimes to survive; yet again we are facing a pandemic in an unprecedented scale. With the high transmission rate combined with the free moving globalized economy COVID-19 has spread far and wide. A new perspective into hygiene was discovered during this time. People have been religiously washing their hands and disinfecting their surroundings, yet through all this we shouldn’t forget about one of the very basic things that we humans regularly use: Clothes.

Special attention to our clothes should be provided as it is a known fact that these viruses can survive on clothes surface for hours and sometimes even days. With this in mind our Kleenforce brand brings you an innovative and effective solution: DGA-100. Our continuous pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world- united with years of experience and R&D in the field of chemistry makes us your best partner in taking upon the fight against the harmful. With the help of cutting-edge technology and our profound understanding of different areas of application, we have developed DGA 100 that is not only Effective and Efficient but are Smart and Intelligent as well.


Being a quart silane based antimicrobial fabric disinfectant it helps in providing durable antimicrobial and anti-odor protection to your clothes against a wide variety of microorganisms without worrying of leaching heavy metals, phenolic compounds or other toxic compounds. It’s potential to create an active antimicrobial surface will destroy the adhering microorganisms, single celled organisms, thereby preventing further spread. The product functions by providing a positively charged layer that attracts and grabs the negatively charged viruses and bacteria thereby destroying the enveloping shell hence making them unable to survive any longer. It is best suited for cellulosic textiles such as cotton, cotton blends and rayon- which are some of the most commonly used garment materials. It too helps in providing improved freshness and hygiene by controlling the growth of microorganisms and generation of odor along with providing lasting life to garments. Let’s together provide daily protection to our daily wear for long lasting wellbeing 😊!